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— Lisa Aguilar, 44, West LA

“Thank you Mr. Vargas, my outlook on reading has dramatically shifted.  I used to lack focus and never enjoyed reading for pleasure.  The Strategies learned are a once a lifetime opportunity in this course.  Read Like A Pro has encouraged me to to read for fun and personal growth!”

Finally, a course that teaches you how to read effectively; the way that was intended for the brain. In Read like a Pro, Gerard Vargas makes his thinking visible as he reads, a process known as a "Think Aloud", to help you see what is happening in the mind of a professional reader.  By seeing how he tackles the reading process and problem solves through reading roadblocks, learners gain the confidence and the tools to read effectively, read faster, comprehend, and retain the information in a highly engaging way!  This course features many opportunities to see Gerard model his reading process, practice on your own, and review the reading assignments with Gerard!  Sign up and Read Like A Pro Today! 

What will I learn?

  • Learn what pro readers do before they start reading to gain motivation, focus, better comprehension, and speed!

  • Learn what pro readers are thinking when they are reading.  You'll be surprised at how fun it is and you'll never go back to reading the old way again!

  • Learn how to focus and have deep concentration on demand whenever you read!

  • Learn the fastest way to find the main idea of a text, a skill that college professors recognize is critical for success in any university, SAT/ACT exams, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and other high stakes tests!

  • Learn how to boost your vocabulary using techniques from world memory athletes, a skill that will rapidly increase your reading speed!

  • Learn how to remember what you read using world memory champion techniques and neuroscience research.  Remember the main details of an entire book to ace any exam or impress your friends!

  • Learn how to read different text types:  articles, textbooks, diagrams, novels, and more!

  • And much, much, more!

So what are you waiting for?  Read Like a Pro Today!


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April 9th Read Like a Pro Boot Camp. 8:30-12pm

Los Angeles, CA

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Apr 09, 2017

Read faster, enjoy, understand, and remember what you read!

Read Like A Pro

Do you stress out when you read because you find it boring, slow, painful, hard to focus, confusing, and you forget what you read anyway? You’re not alone! The truth is that most of us were never taught the correct way to read, but thanks to the latest scientific brain research, there is an exciting way to actually read faster, understand, enjoy and remember what you read!

Reading is critical for career, financial and academic advancement, among dozens of other benefits. Join us for a one-time only “Read Like a Pro” boot camp on April 9th, from 8:30-12pm for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their reading skills. Whether you're a student that wants better grades or get to pass that SAT or an adult learner needing to read faster for work or to achieve your goals, this is the program for you! Learn through a hands-on and interactive learning experience. Students ages 13+, parents and adult learners are all welcome. The investment is $60 per participant. Space is limited so reserve your seat today! To learn more and register, check out my website at

Feb 27, 2017

Reading Seminar for Teachers who want their students to read more effectively!


Take advantage of this great opportunity to train your students how to read faster, enjoy, understand and remember what they read!  

Reading is a critical skill for the academic career of a child and directly correlates to long term success in college and in life.

Seats are limited so sign up today!

Gerry Vargas

Founder: Read Like A Pro!

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