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For free and exclusive G-Fill and other educational products.   

G-Fill:  Music Production Education Tools

Gerard Vargas strongly believes in the power music has in influencing our lives.  He has created music tutorials for aspiring music producers as well as affordable products to support students in producing high quality professional music.  G-Fill products are sound libraries that provide industry quality sounds to aspiring music producers.


  •  G-Fill: Dance Anthem Tools (Dance Music Production Essentials for EDM, Dubstep, Progressive, Trance and Electro)

  • G-Fill:  Hip Hop Production Suite (Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, and more)--  Coming Soon!


Powerful sound libraries for serious music producers.  The G-Fill series provides highly sought after sounds for creating the hits of today and tomorrow!

G-Fill: Dance Anthem Tools $39.00

Introducing G-Fill: Dance Anthem Tools, the one stop shop for creating professional dance floor crushing anthems!  Finally, the most sought after dance music production elements for the hit making EDM, Bigroom House, Electro, Trance, Progressive and Dubstep producer are now available at your fingertips!  Not only do you get the Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Avicii, Skrillex, Daft Punk, and Swedish House Mafia sound, to name a few, but each synth was carefully designed with features to allow you to create the future sounds of dance music!


Dance Anthem Tools includes hundreds of kick drum-free drum rhythms,  dirty bass synth loops, sick monosynth loops, and melodic polysynth club synths available as rex and 24-bit wav files all in 128bpm with respective key denotations.  All the Combinators for each sound are provided to inspire your musical creativity.  Dance Anthem Tools also includes in your face drum elements:  Bass Drum Kicks, EDM Tonal Kicks, Snares, Big Room Snares/Claps, Crash n Ride Cymbals, Claps, Dance FX, Hi-hats, and TopLoop Elements.      

Also included in this refill, are behind the scenes tutorials of how key sounds of the refill were made so that you can also generate your own sounds!


Product details

G-Fill’s Club Anthem Tools is more than just a refill. You'll find everything you need to produce the club anthems of today and tomorrow.  It features 242 fully programmable Combinator Synths (Bass Synth, Mono Synth, Poly Synth, Arpeggiators, and FX), 304 music loops, and 169 drum loops to help you produce that club ready sought after sound!  All loops are in both WAV and REX format, with or without effects, with tempos at the standard 128bpm, and each file at its specified root key.   All midi files of each loop are also included.


What's inside?

  • Combinators: 259 Dance Anthem Combinators!  80 Bass Synth Combinators, 75 Mono Synth Combinators, 85 Poly Synth Combinators, 11 Arpeggiator Combinators, and 10 FX Combinators for ultimate power and new synth creation possibilities!

  • Drum Loops: 31 Dr. Octo Rex Drum Loops and 169 Top Drum Rex Files (also in Wav format) all at 128bpm ready for dance sequence integration.

  • Music Loops:  304 Total Loops Wav and 304 Rex Files;  21 Arpeggiated Loops, 59 Mono Synth Loops, 111 Polysynth Loops, and 113 Synth Bass Loops

  • FX: 17 reverse cymbals, 6 splashes, 16 Bass Drops, 4 Pumping White noises, 27 rises, 27 falls, and 4 vocal efx for catchy transitions all in an NNXT module for easy access.

  • Drum Hits: 83 Floor Pounding Kick drums, 23 Crunchy EDM Tonal Kicks, 31 In Your Face Big Room Snares, 82 thick claps, 58 crispy Crash n Ride Cymbals, 115 bright Hi-Hats, 79 punchy Snares, and 111 uplifting percussive top loop Elements all in NNXT modules for easy access.

  • Midi Files: All the midi files are provided through 5 demo songs: Arpeggiator Maker, Bass Synth Loop Maker, Mono Synth Maker, and Poly Synth Maker.  The Demo Song is also included as a support tutorial for aspiring producers or professional producers looking for inspiration and new tips and tricks!

  • Behind the scenes videos on the making of G-Fill’s Dance Anthem Tools!

  • 100% Royalty Free!


Get it now!  G-Fill: Dance Anthem Tools $39.00

Bass Synth Patches Walkthrough
Lead Synth Patches Walkthrough
Poly Synth Patches Walkthrough
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