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Empowering the inner genius in all of us

Through music and education


My name is Gerard Vargas, and my entire life has been devoted to helping students and families achieve high levels of academic success.  I taught science for 12 years at Animo Leadership Charter High School and trained teachers at Loyola Marymount University.  I am a science curriculum specialist for Green Dot Public Schools and education consultant for many districts in California.  I was a distinguished teacher of the year recipient and I train teachers at education conferences around the nation.  I've trained thousands of teachers and students how to improve their memory, reading and writing skills, study habits, motivation, and overall academic achievement. Browse the various services we offer to help your company or students excel at levels they would never have imagined.  


-Gerard Vargas     

  • Education Consulting

  • Professional Development

  • Student Workshops

  • ​Read Like A Pro

  • Music Production Course 

  • ​Parent Mastery Program

  • ​Legacy Mastery Academy

  • ​Education Products


I've always believed that anyone can be a genius.  This has manifested in all the work that I do:  Teaching the most struggling students how to read effectively and improve their reading speed; Teaching teachers and students how to memorize information in meaningful ways so that can recall it many months later; Training teachers how to make science engaging in a way that facilitates memory and motivation; Empowering parents through workshops that connect the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and education to raising persistent, motivated, self-controlled, happy and successful scholars; Creating curriculum designed to help adults and children of all ages unleash their inner genius and quelch all success hindering fears and beliefs.  My programs are designed to be an experience like no other; one that is sure to propel you to your dreams!

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