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Gerard Vargas offers several services to help you achieve your mission of transforming student mindsets to that of the highest achieving and influential leaders of tomorrow.

For free and exclusive G-Fill and other educational products.   

Educational Consulting


Gerard Vargas offers professional development consulting to create a syngergistic learning environment among teachers, administrators and staff members centered on student achievement based on the latest research in cognitive neuroscience, educational theory, motivational psychology and professional development studies.  

  • Common Core Instruction:  Supporting Literacy

  • Brain Based Learning to increase engagement, learning, and retention

  • Success with the Next Generation Science Standards

Professional Development


Gerard Vargas offers professional development in 4 major areas:

  • Read Like A Pro:  Reading routines that increase student achievement and engagement with the reading process 

  • Increasing student motivation and learning using brain based strategies

  • Accelerated learning techniques to help students maximally learn and retain information

  • Success with the Next Generation Science Standards for teachers and students

Legacy Mastery Academy


The Legacy Mastery Academy develops growth minded, emotionally intelligent and resilient students that take massive action in the classroom and in life.  Drawing from Yale University's RULER program, Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset, Angela Duckworth's research on Grit, and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), this one week or full Saturday training helps 8-12th graders create a mission statement, a life action plan, and an unstoppable mindset that will propel them into leadership and entreprenuerial careers.

​Education Products


  •  Read Like A Pro Udemy Course:  Do you have a fear of reading or wish you read faster and remembered what you read?  Sign up on Udemy and learn how to read like a pro today!

  • More Educational Products Coming Soon!!!

​Student Workshops


Gerard Vargas offers 3 popular 1-2 hour workshops for students:

  • Read Like A Pro: Strategies to increase engagement, retention and speed when reading

  • Learn Like a Genius:  Accelerated Learning Techniques: Memorize vocabulary, books, math equations and more.  Learn how to effectively take notes and learn in ways that the brain loves and remembers

  • Legacy Mastery Academy (see Legacy Mastery Academu service)

Parent Mastery Academy


In this action packed full day inquiry workshop, parents learn and apply the most powerful parenting techniques to develop resilient, growth minded, principle centered, confident, independent, and responsible teens in their homes.  Parents will realize, even more so, the power and useful tools they have at their disposal to positively shape their children's educational, career and life trajectory!  Sign up for the program now!

Read Like A Pro


Finally, a course that teaches you how to read effectively; the way that was intended for the brain. In Read like a Pro, Gerard Vargas makes his thinking visible as he reads, a process known as a "Think Aloud" to help you see what is happening in the mind of a professional reader.  By seeing how he tackels the reading process and problem solves through reading roadblocks, learners gain the confidence and the tools to read effectively, read faster, comprehend, and retain the information in a highly engaging way!  This course features many opportunities to see Gerard model his reading process, practice on your own, and review the reading assignments with Gerard!  Sign up and Read Like A Pro Today! 

Music Production Education


Gerard Vargas strongly believes in the power music has in influencing our children's lives.  He has created music tutorials for aspiring music producers as well as affordable products to support students in producing high quality professional music.  G-Fill products are sound libraries that provide industry quality sounds to aspiring music producers.

  •  G-Fill: Dance Anthem Tools (Dance Music Production Essentials for EDM, Dubstep, Progressive, Trance and Electro)

  • G-Fill:  Hip Hop Production Suite (Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, and more)--  Coming Soon!

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